Do you need a website?

Are you looking to get a website created, but you need more than a cookie-cutter templated website that looks like all the others?

Do you want a website that's going to stand out, and impress your customers?

But you don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire the team of people needed to bring your idea to life!

Hire us! And get a professional, high quality, custom built website or suite of websites, for a small fraction of the cost!

Don't gamble your money and waste your time hiring managers, designers, artists, programmers, and quality assurance technicians to create your website.

Choose Stoic Dreams to be your personal website development team.

We have developed a systematic, highly efficient, development workflow. When combined with our highly talented team, you get exceptional websites built in exceptionally short times.

We are a small, focused team. We only work with one client at a time. And we will deny projects that we don't feel like we would be a good fit for.

So make sure to start your consultation below to secure your spot and see what we can do for you.

Get the power of a personal, professional development team, at a fraction of the cost

Stoic Dreams can build you a new website, custom built from the ground up to meet your explicit needs.

Do you want a fast, efficient, modern website that's easy to manage?

Let Stoic Dreams build it for you.

We offer the full package. Giving you a custom created website, or websites, built from the ground up to meet your requirements. We do not use cookie cutter website building tools or templates. Instead, we custom build every part of your website to be easy to use, easy to manage, stable, and run smoothly.

Is this methology for everyone?

Absolutely not. Cookie cutter solutions are a great option for many companies and situations. They're typically cheap and very fast to implement. And as long as you don't need much customization, the good ones typically work very well for what they're designed for.

But sometimes you need more customization than just colors and fonts. You may care about providing the best user experience for your customers. You may have already learned that paying more for a better quality product up front, will save you a lot more money in the long term by reducing update and maintenance costs.

This is where we fit in.

A typical development package from us may include:

  • A client login to this website during development that provides you with your Development Gameplan, day to day progress updates, and communication tools to share requirements, preferences, and ideas for your project.
  • A "front" facing website for your customers or employees to use.
  • An admin website for managing your website content (blogs, articles, pages, products, etc).
  • Full featured reporting to track who's visiting your site, what pages they visit, how long they spend on each page, what products are looked at, and more. Reports are generally designed to start with a top level view, showing overal stats and percentages, with the ability to dig into specific layers, getting more detailed information at each layer.

Start simple and build strong

You provide a monthly budget for hosting, and answer the 5 W's detailing what your website needs to be about, and we will take care of the rest.

  • Who is your website for? Who are your customers?
  • What is the purpose of your website? What goals are you trying to achieve with your website? What are your needs from your website? What type of content will be on your website?
  • Where will your visitors come from? Where will they go when they leave your website?
  • When will your visitors become customers?
  • Why will people want to use your site? Why will they want to come back after they have left?

What we provide for a typical project

  • Personalization: We do not use any cookie cutter templates when building websites. Everything you get will be custom designed and programmed to fit your brand, your needs, and your expectations for your website.
  • Complete professional server setup: We will order and setup your .NET servers with a trusted hosting provider that offers great value and support. This includes installation and setup of any server software that will be needed for your websites.
  • Optimal server utilization: Depending on your monthly budget allotment and needs, we will typically setup separate virtual or dedicated servers for email, databases, content delivery (images, lib scripts, etc), and websites. This setup will help your website run smoothly, as well as make it easy to pinpoint performance bottlenecks as your website userbase and content grows, so you'll know where you need to invest more resources to keep your website running optimally.
  • Cloud Hosting: An alternative or complement to server hosting, we will also use Azure cloud hosting when it makes sense to do so. We will evaluate the needs of your website and services, as well as your budget, when considering if Cloud hosting will be a right fit for any part of your website package.
  • Web design and graphic design: We will personally design all of the pages for your websites - leveraging our years of experience in website design, to provide a consistent, easy to use experience. Users can get where they want to get, while seamlessly being guided to go where you want them to go.
  • Professional development team: You will be personally assigned a development manager to communicate with directly. Your personal team will use the latest web technologies and our personal expertise to expertly craft your website with optimal code to run as fast as possible so your users don't have to put up with an unresponsive, broken experience.
  • Expert database design and implementation: Your information will be secured in the latest MS SQL databases, expertly structured to be optimal for millions of users with detailed tracking.
  • Rackspace Email Server: We will work directly with Rackspace, our trusted partner, to setup an email server that matches your email needs and budget. We use Rackspace exclusively for email servers for their trusted, knowledgable service and support at reasonable prices.
  • Ongoing documentation and progress reports during development: You will be given a login to this website where you will have personalized access to the latest documentation, previews, and progress reports so you can stay up to date, every day, with how your project is coming along (Disclaimer: Frequency of updates will vary depending on stage of development and what's being worked on).

What we do not provide

  • Hosting: We do not personally provide any hosting. Instead we will use your budget to purchase hosting through our trusted providers. We will also handle all hosting setup and maintenance during development.
  • Content: Products, blogs, articles, and other site content must be either provided by you or implemented by you through an admin interface that we will build for you to manage your site content with.
  • Updates to existing websites: Our expertise and passion lies in building new sites from the ground up, not fixing broken or outdated websites. We can build you a new site to replace your existing one, but if you're just needing an update to an existing website, we recommend finding a different developer that specializes in the technologies your website uses.
  • Mobile Apps: Your websites will be built from the ground up to support mobile devices. But we do not offer any services to build or update mobile apps.
  • Support for older technology: We build our websites to be streamlined for modern browsers only. This is a conscious decision to provide a more efficient development process, a better performing website, and a better overall user experience to the majority of users.
  • Support for micro-management: You should only be hiring Stoic Dreams if you can trust our creative process. We want to work with you to build you the best websites we can for you, but we do not allow micromanagement of projects. Progress reviews will be done on a periodic basis, generally once every 2-4 weeks, where the project is open for review and feedback.
  • Direct project access: Any 3rd party access to any server code or SQL databases during development is strictly prohibited. Even internally only our top level developers will have direct access to your servers. This is done to assure quality control during development, and your security during and after development. All of your server and hosting account credentials will be transferred to you at the end of the project, and all passwords to your accounts and other private account information will be removed from our servers.
  • Localization: We only recommend using us if you're website's primary market is English speaking users in the U.S. We do not provide localization at this time, because frankly, we are not experts at it. We do believe however that localization is an important feature. And we are committed to being able to offer localization to our websites in the future.
  • Copyright of any code or materials produced by us: Stoic Dreams retains full copyright rights to all code, graphics, or any other materials created by Stoic Dreams. We retain full rights to use any code or content we create for your project on any of our internal projects or projects for other customers. We grant you full rights to use provided code and content as you see fit.
  • Liability: Stoic Dreams is not liable for any fees or damages you or your customers may incur from the use of your websites. It is your responsibility to ensure your website meets all legal requirements. We will do our best to ensure your websites meet all legal requirements during development, but Stoic Dreams is merely a contractor, and you are legally responsible for your websites and their contents.

What sets us apart from the rest?

We pride ourselves on our efficiency. We are percieved to be very fast. But from our perspective, we take our time to make sure everything is well thought out, thoroughly tested, and works the best it can.

We do not like taking shortcuts, nor do we like making compromises in our work. We put the end user first. What is their experience going to be? What value will they get from the website? How can we match that value with your goals?

Put frankly, we know what we're doing. Which is why we put in place many of the restrictions noted above. We know many things we have listed on this page, and admittedly many of our values as developers, go against the grain of common practices in our industry. But this is what makes our products great.

Our Guarantee: Any development contract with us may be cancelled in writing at any time. When terminiated, any paid funds for the current or future months will be refunded with a pro-rated rate, based on the day of the month the cancellation is received. At our discretion, we may provide a full refund for the month in place of a pro-rated rate.

What we charge

  • Initial, basic consultation is free, and initiated by clicking the button below which will take you to a form to fill out. We will then review your needs and follow up with you via email.
  • After consultation and an approved GamePlan is setup, a flat $30,000 setup fee will be due before any development will begin. This is our setup fee and includes the 1st months development fee. Setup fees do not cover any expenses or costs for servers, hosting, domain, website, or any other account expenses. The majority of the 1st month is generally used for site design and concept prototyping.
  • Ongoing development fees are due every month during development, usually starting about 30 days after the start of the project. Monthly development fees will vary by project, but generally range between $20,000 to $100,000 per month. Development should be expected to last 4-6 months, but could be more depending on the scope of the project, and requested changes during progress reviews.
  • After the initial development, any desire from you for further updates or ongoing maintenance can be requested for hourly or monthly rates. These rates will be included with the final GamePlan proposition.

What you save

We believe we can save you thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in monhtly development costs, versus hiring your own personal team of managers, designers, graphic artists, programmers, quality anaylists, and server administrators. And we believe that we can not only save you time and money, but that you will also end up with a better end product.

Stoic Dreams Team A Team B Team C
$20k/mo 1 Employee
5 Employees
8 Employees
Time 6* Months 18 Months 12 Months 10 Months
Cost $130,000 $150,000 $500,000 $700,000

The table here represents an estimate, or educated guess, of development costs and time of a typical project consisting of 1 front end, transactional website of medium size for sales; 1 backend transactional website for admin and reporting; Server setup; Setup for basic email service for email confirmations and small newsletter campaigns.

For the sake of simplification, we estimate the average employee cost at $100,000 per year per employee. This estimate factors in a moderate salary, insurance, computer equipment, and any other related employee costs.

We don't achieve this by having the smartest programemrs, or the best designers. We make these claims because we know how a lot of development companies and teams build their websites.

We've experienced the pros and cons of rushing a website idea to market. And in our experience, the lack of planning and pressure to finish tasks in unrealistic timelines always lead to failed projects.

Or the benefits and costs of a corporation taking several months to have their executives and managers carefully plan and design their website idea. And then spending well over a year, with dozens of employees involved, to build and bring that idea to market. Investing literally millions of dollars in salaries before the product is even launched. And in the end, still have a poorly designed website and service, that required constant updates, refinements, and rebuilds, but was expensive to update and maintain.

And through our many years of experience and analyzing these failures and successes, we developed a streamlined workflow to efficiently design, prototype, build and deploy cutting edge websites that are fast, secure, easy to use, and designed to effortlessly guide the user where they need to go. While also assuring that feature and content updates after launch will be simple and easy.

Note: Timeline estimates are expected to include starting from an initial concept; Work through design and development phases; And ultimately reach a fully realized, professionally designed, highly polished website package that runs smoothly and securely.

*: We believe in providing estimates that can be relied on. We've seen time and time again developers and companies promise exceptionally short development cycles, only to communicate at the last minute that they need more time. And too often this cycle repeats until the development time taken was over ten times the original estimate. We take the time up-front to properly plan and gauge development time, padding a little extra time to account for potential unknowns and issues. And we charge based on development time, not estimations. So if we finished early, we save you even more money.

The GamePlan and what we need from you

  • Start by filling out our consultation form on the next page.
  • We require detailed documentation delivered to us before the start of the project detailing every need you have for your websites, your monthly budget requirements, and answering all of our setup questions. If you are already setup with any specialized accounts, such as merchant processing, that you want us to use, we will need those details fully documented as well. The more explicit you can be in your documentation the better. Any missing pieces in your documentation we will assume is where you want us to use our best judgement and creative expertise to fill in the holes.
  • We will review all provided documentation to create a project outline. This will include a set of roughly estimated timelines, a high level feature list, milestone estimates, and estimated costs.
  • You will review the outline, and if you decide to move forward, then we will communicate any additional questions, concerns, and answers with each other. During this time we will build a final Development Gameplan, which will include expected monthly costs for the project, more accurate timeline estimates, a more robust and detailed feature list, and milestone timelines.
  • Once you give your final approval of our Development Gameplan, along with your $30,000 setup and development fee, we will begin development.
  • At this time we will also need an expense charge account that can cover your monthly budget to use for purchasing dedicated server hosting, domains, SSL certificates, or any other expenses directly tied to your website(s). A $5,000 budget is generally recommended to assure coverage of any server setup and hosting costs. Monthly expenses can vary widely depending on your site's hosting needs, but we will work with you to find a solution that maximizes the value from your budget and hosting needs. This account will not be used for any of Stoic Dreams' personal costs, such as our wages, personal expenses, computer equipment, etc. Expenses to this account will be exclusively used for 1 time account setup fees or purchases (e.g. Software purchase for your server software), and subscription billing expenses (e.g. Yearyl/Monthly hosting fees).

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